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MorroW çok güzel kule savunma haritası (Desert Tower Defense) yaptı  (Okunma sayısı 3095 defa)

UMS Haritalarına bir yenisi daha eklendi. MorroW'un geliştirdiği bu haritanın detayları ise şu şekilde.
MorroW Diyor ki:
been working on a new custom map (finally) and ive just uploaded it. bugs etc may still exist but i havent found any so far from my testing. normally i just make micro based custom maps (like micro tournamet or micro race etc) but i felt like doing something new this time :)

to find the map just go to the arcade on eu or na and search for "desert tower defense" and it should be there

the maps main server is EU which means the map on NA server may be outdated at various points or be unstable (battle.net 2.0 is a pain in the ass to upload maps to with all locale bs)

the difficulty is set to easy by default, which is unchangeable when playing open games (it wont let me allow that for some reason), however in the game lobby when hosting private games you can change the difficulty to normal or hard too. the difficulty level is simply how much % hp the waves have (90% for easy, 100% for normal and 110% for hard). here a screenshot

you can leave comments here, arcade reviews etc if you find any bugs or have any comments^^
the map is hard (even on easy) so good luck~

- - - Desert Tower Defense - - -
Screen shots (may be outdated)

UI Information

Basic Towers

Advanced Structure

Full screenshot (large image)

Players: 1-8
Summarize: Basic lane tower defense map without mazing yourself
Build towers to kill the units before they reach the end. There are both air waves and cloaked. Make sure you are covered on all fronts.

Collect minerals by killing units. Harvest gas from the assimilator.

Additional Information (In-depth):
The enemy waves are very versatile, sometimes many units, sometimes few. Ground as well as air units.

All basic towers you build have identical cost but are designed very differently to counter different types of waves. Investing in wrong types of towers at any given point often results in a quick death. Study the next wave information (on the right side of your screen) and prepare for it. If you are unsure what to build there are always more generic towers to fall back on, such as marines or mutalisks.

The advanced structures only cost gas, which is harvested from your assimilator. They are all unique and most of them cant be upgraded like the basic towers can (with damage and speed). However the advanced structures are mostly support and the ones that deal damage deals damage in percentage of enemy hp.

The engineering bay contains upgrades that boots all towers of that type (for example stimpack upgrade gives stimpack to all marine towers)

You can increase your gas income by building more probes to harvest with (built from the nexus), however most of the times you need to spend your gas as soon as possible to stay alive in the game.

Every level the enemy hp increases at a higher rate than your mineral income (which is static) which means the later the game goes your gas investments, strategy and tower placement is what will keep you in the game rather than raw damage output.

This is not a very beginner friendly map and its completely normal if you die a few times before the 10 min mark. There are 130 levels to beat and should take about 50 minutes of game time to get to.

Cooperation between your allies is an option however not an requirement. Focusing completely on your own lane is the best way to go about things if your new to the map.

Patch Notes:
Map published to EU server.
- 130 levels
- 14 basic towers
- 2 Individual tower upgrades (damage and speed)
- 7 unique upgrades
- 5 advanced structures
- Level probability set to 80% ground, 20% air
- 5 level special types (regeneration, durable, haste, cloaked, shields)

Added difficulty levels options in lobby (Easy, Normal, Hard)
- Easy: Creeps spawn with 90% hp (default mode)
- Normal: Creeps spawn with 100% hp
- Hard: Creeps spawn with 110% hp

Increased the starting minerals amount to 50
Increased the starting vespene amount to 30

- Photon cannons now properly detects cloaked units

Balance changes:
- The basic total life increment of waves decreased from 110 to 105

- Time between waves increased from 25 to 30
- Overlord movement speed increased from 0.77 to 1.1
- Engineering bay vespene cost reduced from 40 to 30

Map Name: Desert Tower Defense
Map published to: EU and NA server

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By : Bursat 02.01.2013 | 19:09
Son Düzenleme: 22.04.2013 | 01:12 Gönderen: Bursat
axxion 02.01.2013 | 19:29

Bu tür haritalar baya zevkli oluyor warcraft 3 de bol bol oynardık halende oynanıyor

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